TellTheBell: How To Complete Español 🤑 Español is an online survey. It is the same as the Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey. the only difference is of language. Español is in the Spanish language. The steps to complete the Español are also the same.

Furthermore, you can read the steps to complete the Español below. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have all the essentials with you to complete the Español Survey. And also you need to follow all the rules as well to become eligible for the Español Feedback Survey.

How To Complete Español Survey?

Follow the instructions mentioned below to complete the Español Surveysuccessfully.

  • First, go to the Español Survey website at
  • Then you will need to enter the Store Number, Date, and Time of your visit from the receipt
  • Now you may start the Español Survey
  • Recall your last visit to the Taco Bell Restaurant
  • Then answer all the survey questions accordingly
  • Furthermore, rate your overall satisfaction with the services
  • Moreover, submit the survey and enter your personal details
  • After filling in the details you will receive an entry to the Español Survey Sweepstakes
  • And you will be done with the Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Tellthebell Winners 🤑 Win $500

Tellthebell Winners are concluded after the draw. Taco Bell restaurant offers its customers to take part in the Tellthebell Sweepstakes to Win $500. Furthermore, if you want to know more about the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey. Then click the link given below. You will be guided to a page with further instructions.

Want to know more about Tellthebell Winners. If yes, then read below. We have provided all the information with some important instructions as well. So don’t bother to give them a look.

Tellthebell Winners Announcement

Are you a Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey participant. If yes, then you should know that you can win a Prize of $500. But do you know about the Tellthebell Winner Announcement? If you don’t, then read about it below.

How Do Taco Bell Contacts Tellthebell Winners?

If you are a Taco Bell Survey winner, then you will be contacted by the following ways

  • You can receive a phone call by Taco Bell
  • Also, you will receive that call on the phone number you provided in the Tellthebell Survey
  • Furthermore, you will receive a mail on your email address
  • Moreover, you can read the instructions to receive prize money below

How Can I Receive Tellthebell Winners Prize Money?

After you will be contacted by Taco bell officials, you will need to tell them the following information.

  • You will need to tell them your current mailing address
  • Because you will receive the prize money on that address
  • Moreover, you can also see the winners list on Taco Bell official website

So if you have any other questions related to Taco Bell or Tellthebell, then comment below. We will gladly answer your questions. Furthermore, if you want to know about any other topic, you can comment on that topic below. We will try our best to cover it on our website.

Tellthebell UK 🤑 | Win £500 Check

Tellthebell UK is an online sweepstake. Taco Bell restaurant has introduced it in the UK. The main focus of this survey is to have the customer’s feedback. This way Taco Bell can improve upon its services towards the customers. In return for the feedback from the customers in Tellthebell UK Feedback, Taco Bell is also offering a prize. That prize is a £500 check.

So if you are interested to participate in the Tellthebell UK Feedback, then follow a short guide given below. But you need to make sure that you have all the important things such as Taco Bell UK purchase receipt and a device. You will need these things during the survey steps.

Furthermore, you must also be 18 years old, and a legal resident of the UK to participate in the Tellthebell UK Survey. So after following these rules and requirements you will be considered eligible to participate in the Taco Bell UK survey. You can read the survey steps below.

How To Complete Tellthebell UK Feedback?

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Tellthebell UK Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • First of all, go to the Tellthebell UK Feedback website at
  • On the homepage of the website, you will need to have your purchase receipt
  • Now enter the Store Number, Date, Time, and Transaction Number from the receipt
  • Then click the “START” button to begin with the Tellthebell UK Survey
  • Now recall your last visit to the Taco Bell Restaurant
  • Then start answering questions accordingly
  • Furthermore, rate your overall satisfaction with the services
  • Then submit the Tellthebell UK Survey
  • And provide your personal details in the end to receive an entry in the sweepstakes

Contact Taco Bell UK

Tellthebell Australia Survey 🤑

Tellthebell Australia is a survey campaign to get customer feedback. This survey is started by Taco Bell Restaurant in Australia. The customers have to share their feedback with the restaurant online at In return for the customer’s precious feedback, Taco Bell is offering them a prize of $500. So if you want to become a part of this survey, then you will need to follow the instructions mentioned below.

But before we run into the steps to complete the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey. You will need to know some Rules and Requirements. These will help you complete the Tellthebell Australia Survey easily. So read the lists given below.

What Are The Rules & Requirements To Enter Tellthebell Australia Survey?

So please follow both of the lists that are given below. This will help you to become one of the winners of the Taco Bell Survey.


  • First thing you will need is a valid purchase receipt from Taco Bell Restaurant Australia
  • Furthermore, you will need a mobile phone, a laptop, or a tablet
  • Moreover, you need to make sure that your device is connected with an internet connection.
  • This is to access the Tellthebell Australia website
  • Also, you will need to have a valid URL to the Tellthebell Australia Website


  • Your age must be 18 years to take part in the Tellthebell Australia Survey
  • Furthermore, you need to be a legal resident of Australia
  • Moreover, Taco Bell Australia employees are not eligible to take part in the survey

How To Complete Tellthebell Australia Survey?

After having all the requirements filled and rules followed. Its time to get into the Survey steps. The steps to complete the Tellthebell Australia Survey are mentioned below.

  • Go to the Tellthebell Australia Survey Website at
  • On the homepage, you will need your purchase receipt
  • Now enter Store Number, Date, Time, and Order number
  • Then you need to click the START button to start the survey
  • You will be asked some questions about your recent visit to the Taco Bell Australia
  • So make sure you recall your last visit
  • Then answer all the questions honestly
  • Furthermore, you will need to rate your overall satisfaction with the services
  • Moreover, you will need to enter your personal information
  • And then you will submit the survey.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the Tellthebell Australia Sweepstakes
  • You will need to enter the sweepstakes to win $500 prize
  • And in last, you will receive a Thank You message from Taco Bell Australia