Taco Bell owner Yum Brands buys A.I. business to improve marketing

Many of Yum’s global markets are currently partnering with the American company Kvantum, which was founded in 2012.

The owners of Taco Bell plan to use the acquisition to cut advertising costs and strengthen opponents in the fast food industry. In recent years, food business negotiations have expanded from deals with more well-known brands to purchasing technology that can drive customer sales development.

Taco Bell owner Yum Brands buys A.I. business to improve marketing

Once you are a part of Yum! Catering, the Kvantum Business System is likely to continue to consult with customers outside the food service industry. Based on typical closing issues, the offering is expected to end at the end of the first quarter. Financial terms of the purchase have not been disclosed.

“Kvantum is a leader in data analytics and ad optimization, and has created tremendous value for our many international markets in terms of enabling data-based advertising and marketing options to increase sales and make better use of it. of media budgets, and has a good track record. , ”Said Clay Johnson, Chief Technology and Digital Officer at Group Yum Foods, in a statement.

Yum Brands announced Tuesday that it has acquired Kvantum, a company that uses expert systems to obtain customer information and analyze the impact of marketing and advertising.

In 2015, Yum! At Collider Lab, a consultancy that works with anthropologists and sociologists to provide clients with culture-based knowledge. Yum plans to combine his recently acquired device discovery methods with data from Collider Lab.

Yum shares are down less than 1% early in trading. The stock rose 12% in the past year, bringing the market value to $ 31.3 billion.

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